Top 5 best ESCs and top 5 best flight controllers list by Drone Insider. Which do you prefer ?

New year 2017 has begun. The yearly top 5 best ESCs and flight controllers list has updated. This list was fully concluded by professional pilots’ experiences and their objective performance.

Maybe you won’t feel strange to them. Curious about what are the best popular and whether the ESC or flight controller you own is involved in this list?

Let’s look into the list together.

Top 5 best ESCs 

Every half year Drone Insider announce the top 5 list on ESC, flight controller, motor or frame quads which turn to be the most important component for drones. During the past year 2016, drone market has experienced many changes with drone companies developing new drone products thus pushing this industry go ahead.

Top 5 best ESCs listed by Drone Insider are as follows:

  • Kiss 24A Race Edition

It has been twice for Kiss Race Edition scrapping to the top of this list. With new features such as Oneshot42(a superfast version of Oneshot125) and onewire telemetry, it enables you to get information on current draw from individual ESC, which can then be sent to your Flight Controller(currently only the KISS FC can receive the telemetry data, but since the protocol is open source we could see it appearing in Cleanflight sometime soon).


  • Spedix 30a ESC HV 3-6s DSHOT

Smaller, reliable and affordable! These Spedix HV 30a ESCs are not onlf fast and responsive thanks to the silky smooth of BLHeli S. Smaller than many of the other ESCs on the market, this ESC will not only help you shave those precious ‘g’ s, but it also supports up to a 6S battery and run the latest DShot 600 firmware.


  • DYS XSD30A

Another BLHeli_S ESC, DYS XSD30A, the successor the the highly commendable XS series of DYS ESCs. The key upgrade over the precious XS30A is that the XSD30A are able to run Dshot straight out of the box, perfect for those who want to try the digital motor protocol.


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  • T-Motor F30A FPV 30A

Known for making some of the highest quality products, T-Motor released such BLHeli_S Dshot capable ESCs. It gives you the option to shave off a few grams if you won’t try any crazy 6S action. Like many of the ESCs on this list, they have solder pads so don’t have to desolder those silly presoldered wires.


  • Sunrise Cicada 30A BLheli S

Proven with a variety of set ups and can take 8k gyro without desyncing. If you are looking for some reliable BLHeli S ESCs these would be a good bet, they are starting to prove their worth, helping to make BLHeli S and new industry standard.


We will post the other top 5 best flight controllers, motors and frame quads list for you at later time, please continue to focus on us.