Top 10 golden pilots in 2016

Last week on January 5th, the top 10 golden pilots in the year of 2016 haved been selected by China Drone Racing League in Shenzhen.


Many pilots signed up and participated in this drone achievement. Rank in participating games,  race size and their scores are the most important factors in judging their comprehensive ability.

Luckily, the top 10 pilots are awarded their medals and prizes. Maybe you won’t feel strange to them, like HuangMimi, LiKunhuang, ZhongWeihua,they stand for the top level  in China drone racing.


What’s more excited, FPVMODEL pilot KaKei was awarded one of the top 10 pilots. Kakei(Chinese name:LiangJiaqi) , the third in the left hand of the group photo, has attended many race games all over the 2016, such as Drone Racing China 2016 on June 17 -19th,  Aisa Cup Shanghai on July 23-24th, 3DX and AFA on October 28-30th and so on.



In the new year 2017, FPVMODEL will be commited to more racing games and tries to promote drone race competitions throughout China.

Congratulations to KaKei and hope you make bigger achievement in later racing games during the new year of 2017.