2016 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship

Pictures & Contents from MultiGP.com


The 2016 MultiGP Nats set a new standard in drone racing. A standard governed by this one simple rule, “By Pilots. For Pilots.”

We believe an open invitation combined with structured competition defines a sport. Our 2016 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship was designed to seek out the nation’s top pilots and it delivered.

Participants competed against well-known pilots and undiscovered talent, giving our sport the foundation and platform it needed to develop and showcase it properly. MultiGP is delighted to share with you our ranked pilot lists, stunning snapshots and heart pounding videos of our annual championship. Enjoy pilots…you deserve it.



The 1st Place: Shaun “Nytfury” Taylor


The 2nd Place: Jordan “Jet” Temkin


The 3rd Place: Siddha “SIDFPV” Killaru


The Fastest 52 Pilots in the Nation