Rescue-2 Gimbal with built-in 10x zoom camera, unique design for your flying.

Good news for you here!

Rescue-2 gimbal is now taking pre-order!


From the appearance, it looks like an egg. We also orally called it” egg gimbal”.

Versatile tool for certain rescue and search missions

As the second generaton of Rescue series,  Rescue-2 gimbal with built-in 10x zoom HD camera, can be widely used in various rescue and search missions, including mountain rescue, ground search and rescue, urban search and rescue, combat or air-sea search and rescue.



 You may have a question like this: Is there any difference from Rescue-1?

  • One key to lock, shoot and return to center

One big difference in Rescue-2 gimbal: one key to lock, shoot and return to center. It may greatly faciliate your operation and bring you comfortable experience.


  • 1035 wide range lens

Rescue-2 gimbal adopt 1035 lens, bringing users wider range, more clear video. You don’t need to worry about the limited range in aerial photograph.


  • No temperature drift

Another big difference lies in the absense of temperature drift. Temperature drift is the change of  semiconductor parameter caused by temperature change. Rescue-2 gimbal contributes to protect your camera from ultra-low temperature condition in special search and rescue missions. In cold weather, built-in10x zoom camera in Rescue-2 may automatically heat itself in spite of temperature drift.


What’s more, due to the size, convenience and the depoly time, Rescue-2 gimbal is a good choice for particular rescue missions. The combination of transmitter and receivers can give you a live view back at the mission base and alow for coordinating crews in real time giving an effective means for obtainning the best possible outcome.



  • Operating temperature: lowest to 30degree below zero. 

Rescue-2 gimbal turns to be more resistent to cold temperature. We have made many experiments putting this egg gimbal into an refrigerator or other cold container or outdoor coldy weather. To our surprise the gimbal turn to work very well.

More working characteristics  are as follows or you can check it at FPVMODEL website.